Thu. May 30th, 2024

You will find many familiar faces, but also newer things in the 2011 Virginia Tech football schedule. The Hokies will face their usual ACC rivals at home and on the roads in 2011, including a few high-profile Thursday night games. The high-profile out-of-conference matchups that are usually held early in the season is what we haven’t seen in years past.

Virginia Tech started its season in recent years with a high-profile out-of-conference matchup. This game is often a TV-worthy matchup against a top-ranked opponent, and it is highly hyped throughout the offseason. Virginia Tech has had similar games against LSU, Alabama and USC. These games are great for team motivation and anticipation. However, Virginia Tech has lost the majority of these players. They are now in an immediate hole for the start of the season.

Although we don’t know whether this was intentional, the 2011 season doesn’t have this type game. There is not even an out-of-conference matchup on the schedule. The Hokies open the season with four OOC opponents from a’mid-major” conference, including games against East Carolina State, Marshall, Arkansas State, Marshall and Appalachian State. Appalachian State, despite being I-AA is a great program that has been able to win several national championships.

The Hokies then get into full swing in ACC action for the remainder of the season after those four games. Virginia Tech hosts home games against Clemson (Miami), Boston College, North Carolina (UNC) and Clemson in 2011. They will be on the road in ACC against Wake Forest and Duke, Georgia Tech and Virginia (UVa). You will be surprised at the interesting observations.

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