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If they don’t know all the facts, your Realtor won’t be able to give you any important advice. You may think you have something to hide. But the truth is that you don’t have much to hide these days. Let your realtor know if you believe there are any problems that could affect the property’s value. They will help you devise strategies to fix it. Realtors find it frustrating and unfair to learn about a problem after a buyer has submitted an offer. They need to understand your realistic expectations regarding the sale price. Although it is impossible to predict the final price of the property, you can avoid having an honest discussion about asking for prices. You may be unfairly angry if your Realtor convinces you to lower the asking price after the property has been on the market for a while.

Understanding Their Risk

Real estate agents are entrepreneurs. Real estate isn’t a job. Real estate is a difficult business to be successful in. Most Realtors don’t make as much money as it is often believed. They are likely to spend a lot of time and money looking for new clients and getting their house ready for sale. They may not be able sell the home because of circumstances beyond their control. Some of these reasons are beyond the control of the home seller. It is important to know what their daily burdens are. Do your research before you call them. Then invite them to your home. It is better to not call multiple agents to obtain a complimentary comparable market analysis for your home. Only one agent can be hired. The other agents will waste their time and be frustrated by you. Do some research about the agents you are interested in hiring. Do some market research. You can find free tools on the Internet that will give you an idea of current market trends in your local area. Once you have compiled all your information, you can eliminate the most inactive agents from your contact list. You will also have enough facts to call a few Realtors and get an idea of their opinion on your home’s asking prices. You will now have all the information you need in order to choose the right agent for you. You can now call them to schedule a personal appointment. They are less likely than you to waste your time. You will quickly be able to get the best possible offers for your home and sell it faster if you establish trust.

Are you motivated to sell?

Your Realtor might quickly discover that you are only testing the market and not serious about selling your house. Why would an agent spend so much time and money marketing a house at a high price to sell it? You won’t be able to realistically set a selling price if you don’t want to sell. Your Realtor will notice if you refuse to lower the price and may decide that you are wasting their time. Your home could sit on the market for too long and become uninhabitable. You will be perceived as a non-serious seller by other Realtors. Your home will be viewed negatively by good agents. Realtors also have to deal with homeowners who don’t clean, de-clutter, and prepare their homes for sale. A messy and cluttered house can make it difficult for a realtor to sell. It is a waste to their time and they will not show your home. Realtors are in demand for qualified buyers who are willing to buy. They will only show homes with the best chance of selling. You will not get traffic from the most qualified customers to your home. It is crucial that you clearly define your motivation. Do you want to risk a negative reputation among local Realtors in order to test the market? You may decide to sell one day. The best Realtors in your region will not be willing to work with you.

Are you negotiating from weakness?

Are there any issues with your home that could cause buyers to pay a lower price? Before you list your home for sale, it is better to discuss this with your Realtor. Sometimes, Realtors don’t know the truth about the properties they are selling. They fear that they might have to reveal a fatal flaw in the home that could prevent it from selling. This philosophy is not shared by all agents. Brokers and agents who are the best will recommend home inspectors that specialize in pre-listing inspections. You need to be careful who you choose to inspect your home. There are many home inspectors out there. A superior inspection report must be prepared by your inspector that lists all components and can give each component a certification score.

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