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Underwear has never been more outerwear. Athleisure is the new Juicy Couture. Lingerie can add glamour to an otherwise simple outfit. This look is great, whether you’re wearing a bralette underneath a scoop-back top or a braai with loose joggers. We thought it would be fun to explore this trend and share our tips for staying on-trend this summer.

The brain

You might be asking, “What is a brain? It is a hybrid of a bra and a camisole. It was designed by Free People and is essentially a hybrid piece. It’s too long to be considered a bra, but it’s too short to be considered a cami. Voila….a braai!

Bram is are available in a variety of sizes, including sleeveless or fitted. With the popularity of cropped tops, high waistlines, and bare midriffs, brains are sweeping the fashion world. They might seem like they are only for young people or those who are small, but that is not true. These look great paired with crop tops and high-waisted crops for a summer day.

The bralette

Bralettes are a fashion staple that has been loved for many years. Bralettes can be worn under tops and are very pretty. They have a thicker waistband, a flattering back, and are often made of soft, delicate bras. They are typically made from lace and can be seen under any slouchy or low-back tees. They add subtle femininity to any outfit.

It is a matter of debate whether bralettes are suitable for larger-busted women. Some bralettes may not be suitable to wear every day, because they provide minimal support. It can also be difficult to find bralettes that offer good coverage in larger sizes. There are bralettes for larger cups, so you don’t have to worry about it. Bralettes that have adjustable straps and can be adjusted are best. We recommend that you shop for bralettes with adjustable straps and bands. It’s easy to change your look with these accessories.

Sports bras

It can be difficult to make a sports bra look sexy with the right amount of coverage and structure. We are seeing sports bras that combine both function and fashion. Sports bras are now available in jersey fabrics with four-way stretch for support. The bra’s pretty straps and mesh detailing add a touch more modesty to the look, while also maintaining its racy style. To ensure maximum control for larger busts, a thicker band is recommended. You should choose the correct sports bra for your type of workout. You won’t be able to wear the same bra for yoga as you would for a 10K run.

Add femininity to your by using lace

Lace is our favorite material for lingerie and shapewear. It is delicate, stretchy, and whimsical, adding a feminine touch to any piece. It is used by designers for clothing and lingerie. Bram is and bralettes will be more lacey this summer, given the trend towards cropped tops and high waistlines.

Lace adds elegance and wistfulness, just as it does for lingerie and firmware. Debras has a wonderful selection of plus-size shapewear pieces, many with beautiful lace. These include smoothing bras, contouring bodysuits, and sculpting control shorts to name a few. Take a look at our Elomi bras today and add some class to your outfit. If you feel confident underneath, it will reflect on the outside. Wear lacey bralettes with pretty straps. Layering a brain is another option for glam.

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