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Factors to Determine When Selecting Oil Painting for Your Room

If the living room is the focal point of the house, then the bedrooms are the personal space of the family. These two are the common areas where all family members gather and relax. Regardless of whether your lounge is formal, informal, or semi-formal in style, the goal is usually to interact and perform. As a result, it is these rooms within the house that demands a lot of art.

Before going around looking for fabulous and marvelous paintings for your rooms, you should also keep a few things in mind –


Everything in your home does not have to match or be consistent. Use a variety oftextures, patterns, and even eras to create a unique look. If you have an older home with antique decorations, a piece of modern art would look fantastic! The same can be said for a vintage oil painting style in a modern context. Remember to enjoy yourself; at the end of the day, what matters is that you find it appealing.

Looking for a variety of oil paintings? Check out Laura Zueva’s at the gallery. She is a Gold Coast oil painting artist who paints on anything. Whether it is a pet, fruits, natural beauty, or anything that gathers her attention. She sells her oil painting online for her customers in Australia and worldwide. If you’re looking for a variety of styles in oil painting, then check out her artworks. 


It’s also important to consider the colour scheme in your house or workplace. Your painting should complement the colours of the room. Also, keep in mind that colours play an important function in mood settings. For bedrooms and other locations where relaxation is important, use calming colours like light blues and greens. Bright and vibrant colours work well in rooms and areas where there will be a lot of conversation and distraction.


The size of the house where your design will be displayed is the most important aspect to consider when choosing the right oil painting. This could be accomplished by measuring the wall area or space. If you have a vast room, you may require a larger picture but if you are using your kid’s room, you may need a smaller one. If the picture is too large, it may appear crowded in the room or will not match the house at all. 


Make sure you buy something you enjoy. Take your time to figure out what you like in art. You can decide by going through museums, galleries, art publications, and online. If you’re willing to buy artwork then this is something that you should know. It’s better to buy a painting that you like and not because it has a value or name. 

Topic of Conversation 

Consider what types of subject matter you are drawn to during a painting. Art serves as a great conversation starter between you and your visitors. It’ll be interesting to observe what kind of reaction your family and friends have when they first see the painting. Hence decide what kind of painting will be interesting – still life, landscapes, seascapes, or wildlife? 

Anything can be converted into an art piece. it all depends on how we portray it. think out of the box when buying an oil painting for a room. 

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