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Building backlinks and avoiding common link-building blunders is one of the most common SEO tips that all SEO experts will provide you. Additionally, you must already be familiar with a variety of backlink-building techniques. Now is the time to learn about some common mistakes that link-building campaigns make.

It is always a good idea to utilize any tool to continue your backlink-building campaign, especially if you blog and are self-employed.

In search engine optimization, particularly off-page optimization, link building is crucial.

Many link-building strategies can help you increase the number of backlinks to your website. Keep in mind that quality backlinks are more important than quantity if you want to rank well in search engines.

Many people unwittingly make some of the most frequent errors while creating backlinks, which can have a positive or bad impact on your ranking (in quite a few cases). The few link-building errors that you should avoid are listed below:

  • Linking to certain sites having a bad reputation on the market
  • Trying to buy or sell links from other websites
  • Getting certain links that are just no-follow links
  • Too many backlinks were obtained from only high PR type domains and no links from any low PR type domain
  • Getting backlinks from certain niche sites that are totally irrelevant to your business
  • Links that are without your targeted keywords in your anchor text
  • Tons of link building within a very short span
  • Avoid site-wide link

Running a link-building campaign requires tracking the links you create. Otherwise, you won’t be able to tell if your link-building plan is effective.

You can learn this information through backlink monitoring software. They offer information about every link that leads to your website and frequently reveal information about the backlinks of your rivals.

Here are a few tools that you must use that can help you to monitor your backlinks.

  1. URL Shortener

A link shortener offers a solution to transform your long links into a shorter customized links. This tool will quickly and conveniently shorten your long links into much shorter substitutes that will still reliably direct to your same web pages.

All that you need to do is use the link shortener tool and just copy and paste your long link into this link converter. The tool will automatically transform your link into a customized short link.

  • Linkascope

Linkascope is a website and backlinks monitoring tool. The goal of Linkascope is to assist website owners and SEO firms in maintaining control over backlink profiles and website uptime performance, which are essential factors in organic search results.

They are a small group with a focused mission that seeks to go beyond predetermined objectives. They want to develop unbeatable measuring and research tools for the web that will help all of its clients win at SEO, online advertising, and online visibility.

  • Monitor Backlinks

This tool was developed for SEO agencies, digital marketers, and also online business owners to quickly analyze their backlinks.

  • Linkio

Linkio is another tool to offer a highly efficient type of SEO automation solution.

You must certainly use any of these tools for your SEO campaign.

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