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What are your fees for consignment?

Our fee structure is simple, we charge the higher of 15% of the sales price of your item or $280. Simply submit your photos with a description below for a quote on the final sales price.

What if I want my item back after posting to you?

While we understand you may sometimes change your mind, we put alot of time and effort into taking photos, authenticating as well as marketing your item. That's why we ask you to keep the bag with us for six weeks to give us adequate time to sell it. Should you require it before then, there is a release fee of $200 AUD to cover our time spent.

What we accept

We accept all authentic bags and accessories from our (our approved list) in excellent or great condition. We will appraise your item taking into consideration the following factors:

  • Wear & Tear: Visible tearing, water damage and discoloration
  • Exterior marks / Scratches: Scratches and marks are assessed
  • Pen Marks: Noticeable pen marks will be declined
  • Missing embellishment: Bald spots from missing embellishments
  • Seasonal/Style: Items deemed to be out of season/style 

What brands do you accept?

See our full list of accepted labels here

What photos to take?

Photos should be taken in a well-lit area, free of cluttered surroundings. Natural sunlight is best

  • Front
  • Back
  • Interior
  • Bottom
  • Serial Number (if applicable)
  • Any wear & tear/defects should be taken up close

What to include in your description of item?

Please copy this template into the form below.

  • Style:
  • Year Purchased:
  • Inclusions such as Receipt/Box/Dust Bag:
  • Any known defects:

Should you submit an item to us that is later deemed not authentic by our team of authenticators, we will charge a fee of $200 to post the item back to you. This is to cover time spent authenticating your item, third party authentication costs and postage.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to increased activity both from our buying and selling side, our turn around time for quotes is now 3-4 business days. Please be patient as it means once we do have your item quoted it will sell quicker! Don't forget to check SPAM for a reply also.

In the event the upload process is not working please email the quote directly through to quotes@thepurseaffair.com

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