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The Purse Affair offers a layby service which allows our customers to reserve merchandise with a required minimum 20% deposit down (Towards purchase price). Merchandise put on layby is kept by The Purse Affair until the balance is paid off in full.

A payment of every two weeks is suggested, but can be paid sooner; all layby must be paid in full to The Purse Affair within the time chosen at purchase (6 to 8 weeks). Should the payment plan be cancelled by the purchaser, the initial deposit will be forfeited.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I make payments or conclude my layby early?

Absolutely, at anytime should you wish to get your merchandise earlier you can conclude it by paying earlier.


How much is the deposit amount?

The deposit amount is the higher of $300 and 20% value of your item.


What if I change my mind?

Layby Sales are final, should you cancel the layby the initial deposit will be forfeited but any additional contributions will be refunded.